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Body by Love

Opulent Spa Collection Gift Set

Opulent Spa Collection Gift Set

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The Opulent Spa Collection Gift Set is an extravagant combination of the Body by Love Bath Extra Large Bath Towel Set (TWO TOWELS), Love Notes Shimmer Oil, Love Notes Handmade Luxury Candle, Massage Soap and Dry Brush. It's been rated highly amongst gift sets for women and can easily fall under holiday gift sets, candle gift sets, skin care gift sets or a mothers day gift set. 

The Body by Love Extra Large Bath Towel Set: consists of two oversized bath towels/extra large bath towels. Our Turkish bath towels rival hotel quality bath towels and have been rated as some of the best luxury bathroom towels. 

The Love Notes Shimmer Luxury Body Oil:   is a luxury body oil mixture of Mica powder, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Nut Oil giving the skin a luxurious shimmer and magnificent body glow. Our organic body oil is rated highly amongst body oils for women and can be used as a perfect after shower body oil. 

The Love Notes Luxury Candle: is a great addition to bath or shower time. Set the mood with our handmade candle as you wrap yourself in our luxury bath towels. Body by Love specializes in candles that are not toxic to the environment. 

Massage soap and Dry Body Brush

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