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Body by Love

Body by Love Extra Large Bath Towel

Body by Love Extra Large Bath Towel

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  • Luxury bath towel 
  • 35" x 75" inches 
  • 700 GSM (fluffy towel)
  • 100% Turkish cotton bath towel 
  • Bath towel with hanging loop 
  • "OKEO - TEX" certified 
  • Made in Turkey 
SPA OPULENCE AT HOME - After a long day, we all want to experience that feeling of a warm bath and a luxurious towel. Today's standard size bath towel just doesn't cut it - they just don't fit. The Body by Love Bath towel is an extra large plush towel. Our towel is thick, highly absorbent and significantly bigger than the standard bath towel. This bath towel wraps around the body fully as you dry off giving you the feeling of a hotel spa right in your own home. The Body by Love Bath Towel made with 100% Turkish cotton, is our extra large cotton bath towel measuring 35" x 72" inches. Our towel is the ideal luxury bathroom towel,  perfect bath towel for plus sizes or if you desire more coverage and is the best extra large bath towel on the market.

QUALITY - The Body by Love Bath towel uses a zero twist method to make it an extra large soft towel. Zero twist means that cotton fibers are looped giving that smooth feeling as you dry off.  Zero twist bath towels utilize premium cotton and has several benefits - absorbency, durability and softness. 

CARE - Machine washable, tumble dry low and no bleach. For more details check out more in our care guide. 

Bath Sheets vs. Bath Towels -  Your regular bath towel usually measures between 27" x 54" inches. Bath sheets usually measures between 35" x 72 inches. Bath Sheets are commonly referred to as oversize, jumbo or extra large towels. To elevate your bath experience extra large bath towels or bath sheets are the way to go. For a more detailed guide check out our towel guide. 
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