About Us

Body by Love is an online shop for curvy trendsetters sizes 12 +. Our collection is a curated assortment of Contemporary, International and Indie pieces! We mix it up with killer unique pieces.   

Our founder Camille (Cami) grew up in Jamaica and then she migrated to the United States. She was plus size most of her life and was reminded of that frequently by her family. While in college she would go shopping with her skinny friends and would often feel awful after most visits when she could find nothing to wear.  The change ultimately happened when she was asked out on a date and had to cancel because she couldn't find anything to wear. She decided that day no other plus size woman should be made to feel like this ever again. 

What began as a series of private shopping parties, has now emerged as a full scale online shop.  Body by Love's collections are influenced by travel, art, and current fashion trends. We challenge perceptions of what plus size women should wear and we encourage our customers to look and feel great at any size.  Edgy and Editorilal, each season we present a highly edited mix of each season’s cutting edge trends from Independent American and International designers.

Body By Love, understands the need for a fresh take on clothing. We travel the world to look for it, embracing everything from classic basics to rock inspired pieces and graphic, bold prints. 

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Body by Love