By Danyelle Valentin

Rob Kardashian, the baby boy of the ever trending family, has made no secret of issues surrounding his body image.

In the early fall of 2016, Rob got his own reality tv timeslot with the premiere of Rob and Chyna. Much of the series focused on how Rob’s extremely low self esteem kept him from living.

In the second episode of the series, a stylist was hired to help Rob, a grown man who is forever dressed like he is ready for P.E., find an outfit for an event in Cannes. This scene was less than four minutes but it captured my attention more than anything else in the whole series. It was like a flashback to when I had gone shopping with my mom for school clothes when I was in middle school. I was so insecure about my body. I hated the idea of trying on a bunch of clothes.

If you are insecure about being fat, shopping for clothes is a nightmare. Fitting rooms are a tiny private hell. You sit in a tiny room room with a huge mirror where your are forced to look your body while a pile of clothes threatens to break you down. I’ve sat in fitting rooms and cried about not liking my body too many times to count. Watching Rob Kardashian go through these same emotions was so close to home.

Feeling helpless while your mom picks out clothes for you because you just can’t do it yourself

"Ma, I don't even like that"

The shame of having to show your mom and siblings what you’ve tried on when it you don’t even feel good in it.

Your mom swears it fits you, so she just has to adjust it.

Trying on jeans is the absolute worst part! You wonder why you didn’t just stay home while your mom is asking you, “well, what size did you try on last time?”

"Can I just buy some leggings"

Feeling ashamed that nothing fit you right. Feeling like “It has to be me.”

BTW, it's not.

The friend you brought along of moral support gives you the look while your mom frantically tries to find just one thing that will fit you right.

Whilst the lady in the back just wants you to get out of the fitting room already.

And finally, the speech your mom gives you telling you that you just have to try on things to find what you like but you’ve already shut down. She doesn’t understand that the ‘trying on” is the worst part because you just don’t like what your body looks like.

Rob started to try on jeans and my heart started to hurt. He tried on a pair of jeans and said, “they don’t even close.” He was even avoiding the camera, he kept shifting his body away when he tried something on. In the end, Rob didn’t buy any clothes or attend the fancy event. And I always went home with a bunch of clothes just because they fit. Plus an over-sized jacket that would conceal my short, overweight body.

In his confessionals, Rob said, “I love fashion, too, but i’m just not really feeling myself at all right now.” That’s the worst part about being insecure with your body. It can stop us from doing the things we love.

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 All images are screen grabs from Rob & Chyna, Season 1, Episode 2. from E! online. 


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