Fireworks & Korean BBQ

I'd been using OkCupid on and off for months. I have a pretty face and would get some really good prospects but nothing would come of it. Most of the time I battled the fear of disappointment when they met me or I'm never that desperate to settle.

Finally, I found a genuine guy. He was Asian. I am black. I am not sure if that really has anything to do with the anything but it paints a great picture. Now, the conversation wasn't amazing but I really was not trying to find a husband on there. I was not even looking for a boyfriend. I just wanted someone to take me out on a decent date and I wanted to get laid. Is that so hard to believe?

Anyway, let's get back to Asian guy. Let's call him Mr. Kim (I hope that isn't offensive to anyone, I truly do not remember his name. But I do remember he is Korean). It was tolerable conversation and he had a good job so I figured he could afford a more than mediocre dinner. We set up a date for the holiday weekend which was July 4th and it fell on a Monday this year. I am not a fireworks girl so we decided to make plans to have dinner.

Getting dressed for a date is always a hassle when you're fat because I want Mr.Kim to find me attractive enough to want to have sex with me.( I think I've just set women back 20 years with that statement) In the end I choose a brown wrap dress that matched my complexion and would highlight some of my best assets *cough cough* my boobs, and would give the illusion my stomach isn't that big.
Now my biggest debate is whether or not to put on a shaper. There is so much skills and 007 moves involved in getting a shaper off if the night leads to sex. I was up for the challenge, I wore the shaper.

I arrived first in Ktown, across the street from the Manhattan Mall in NYC. There are always these butterflies dancing at the pit of my stomach when I'm anticipating something new. Finally, he arrived and didn't seem too disappointed with what he saw. What a relief? I think it's the boobs. He takes me to Miss Korea, a very posh and expensive Korean restaurant. I can feel the stares as we enter. A full figured black woman and a good looking Asian man.

We are seated. What should I order? This is expensive. I impress him with my knowledge of Korean cuisine and we proceed to engage in some good conversation. Dinner goes on and all I can think about is how I can get him back to his place so we can do the damn thing.

We leave and he suggest a movie. I say there's nothing out that I want to see. He suggest we go back to his place and watch the Macy's fireworks show on tv. I smile, there we go. We take the A train to his place and the smooth gentleman he is, he buys wine and ice cream.

His roommate isn't home and we have the place to ourselves. He pours us wine and I sit in his arms while I pretend to watch tv. Let's back up a bit, I actually took my shaper off already. How you ask? Well, I asked him to use his bathroom while he was pouring wine and took it off. Here's my 007 skills: I couldn't walk through his place with a shaper in my hands so I balled it up and put it between my legs, awkwardly walked back to my bag and slide it in when he turned his back. Now that's one for the story books.

We're on his couch, the room is dark and only the lights are from the tv as we're drinking wine. He turns to me and kisses me hard. This is it! This is what I've been waiting for and he wants me. He stops and tells me he plays music. I pretend to recall. Just kiss me. But he unwraps from my arms and gets his guitar.

What is he about to do? When I tell you he stops in the middle of the room and starts playing a cord. He ask me if I know what it is. I was so lost in the ecstasy of almost sex, I shook my head no. He starts singing an usher song, need you bad. I am not even kidding. I was so lost that the image of a 5'7 Asian man playing a guitar, singing usher on the 4th of July as I am sitting on his couch ready to give him the keys to the kingdom went totally over my head.

After he serenades me, I throw myself if him when he sits back down as a token of gratitude for the mini concert. Nice gesture, but I could care less I just wanted to let my kitty out for a walk. We end up in his room.

It's dark. I prefer it this way. Some days I don't have the confidence it takes to overcome the fears of having sex with the light on. I take of my dress and he descends to my breast as I stroke his penis. Kids play. I'm waiting for more. Facing his bed, he bends me over and enters me from behind. A few pumps in and I need it harder, I want more than this. We change positions and laying down in my back, stomach in ten air and his pulls himself between my legs. A few more pumps. I'm bored. This is boring, vanilla sex.

No joke, he last about 2 more minutes and rolls over me. We are laying there and neither one of us have cummed, much less orgasmed. He tells me he is tired. Are you kidding me? I get up and find my panties.

We both get dressed and he calls an uber.

My takeaway from the night. One: bad sex. Two: expensive dinner. Three: mini concert and Four: an uber all the way from Harlem to the Bronx.

-Megan, 22, NY

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